Nicholas accepted into MS CISE

CAPS Lab member, Nicholas Salazar, was recently accepted into UF’s Master’s program in Computer & Information Science & Engineering.

Using a combination of MATLAB (psych toolbox, mview) and RStudio (tidyverse, ggplot), Nicholas has contributed substantially to the collection, storage, processing, visualization, and analysis of kinematic and acoustic speech data for two CAPS projects, one on the mechanisms involved in speech motor sequence learning, and one on the role of auditory input on speech motor control. He was a co-author on a poster that we recently presented at the 2021 Boston Speech Motor Control Symposium, which is a conference for disseminating research on basic mechanisms underlying speech production and the breakdowns of those mechanisms in motor speech disorders. He will also be a co-author on the resulting manuscript, which is currently in preparation for submission to a journal. Finally, he has also been working collaboratively with another computer science student in the lab to create the first open repository (on GitHub) of detailed kinematic and acoustic data on speech produced by congenitally deaf adults and children.  This rich dataset, which we are currently collecting, will provide critical data needed to drive future collaborative work in this multidisciplinary field.

Congrats, Nicholas!  Well-earned!

Salazar1.        Salazar2