CAPS at Motor Speech 2022

CAPS Lab Director, Dr. Matthew Masapollo, recently presented several posters at the 2022 Motor Speech Conference hosted in Charleston, SC. (= student co-author).

Masapollo, M., +Zezas, E., Smith, D.J., & Guenther, F.H. (2022). Disentangling effects of verbal working memory storage and familiar articulatory coordination on generalization in speech motor sequence learning. 2022 Motor Speech Conference, Charleston, SC. 

Masapollo, M., Oh, Y., +Goel, J., Lowenstein, J., & Nittrouer, S. (2022). Electromagnetic articulography is feasible for assessment of speech motor skills in cochlear implant users. 2022 Motor Speech Conference, Charleston, SC.

Motor Speech poster