PHHP Research Day

UF undergrads, Kayleigh Burge, Ana Rodriguez, and Abigail Lebedeker, presented results at the annual College of Public Health and Health Professions Research Day.  Their poster reported on joint work with Dr. Susan Nittrouer, funded by the Hearing Health Foundation, examining the role of auditory feedback on speech motor coordination and control.  Go Gators, Go Research!

+Burge, K., +Lebedeker, A., +Rodriguez, A., +Oberle, G., +Ferdowsiepour, K., +Salazar, N., +Alex, A., +Fakhouri, M., +Redondo, M., Nittrouer, S., & Masapollo, M. (2023). Auditory feedback control of speech motor coordination: evidence from tongue and jaw movements. UF College of Public Health and Health Professions Annual Research Day, Gainesville, FL. (+ = current or former student)