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Research Opportunities for Students and Trainees


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

There are a variety of mechanisms by which UF undergraduate students can get involved in research: (1) Independent study (SPA 4904) in which students receive course credit for the time they spend in the lab (typically 8-10 hours/week); (2) Paid assistantship from a grant; (3) Honors thesis research. If you are interested in becoming a research assistant or conducting an honors thesis, then you should contact Dr. Masapollo at

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Research

CSD Senior Honors Thesis Program

Senior Honors Thesis Application

Faculty Mentor Contract Form for Senior Honors Thesis

UF Journal of Undergraduate Research

Doctoral Training

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Masapollo at  See here for more information about UF’s SLP and audiology programs.  He is actively recruiting a doctoral student; he accepts students through the Rehabilitation Science Doctoral Program (CSD concentration)He is highly committed to working closely with students, especially those from minority and underrepresented groups, to train them for graduate or postdoctoral studies and careers in academia and other clinical professions (e.g., speech-language pathology, audiology).